Building a Great Website

Creating a Consistent Brand

Building a Great Website – Creating a Consistent Brand

January 15, 2016

Your website is the best opportunity to share your brand and vision with the world. A brand is much more than just a good idea. It influences everything you do in business, sets you apart, and creates a unique identity.

You will need to decide on your brand before building your website. The approach you take will have a big impact on design. Some of the areas to consider for your brand include:

– Logo –The main visual identifier of your business, your logo is one of the first parts of your brand’s visual identity.

– Color scheme — The choice of colors emphasizes the look and feel of your business.

– Approach and tone — The approach and tone of voice you use to communicate. Do you want to be formal, friendly, humorous, expert, business-like, or something else?

– Marketing materials — The look and feel of your marketing materials, ads, and other copy.

– Interactions — The type of interactions you want to have with your suppliers, partners, and customers.

Once you know what you want your brand to do, you can apply it to you website.

Color scheme
The color scheme you use should support your brand and give your visitors a consistent experience. You can base your color scheme on the elements of your logo, or use subtly different colors to emphasize your products, services, and content. Learn about the psychology of color and how it affects the mood of your visitors.

Visual design
Design is much more than just your color scheme. It influences all the visual parts of your website. This includes your images, navigation, background, buttons, highlights, headings, and more. Good visual design will enhance the appeal, look, and feel of your website.

Your menu structure and design will show your visitors what you think is important. Make sure your menus are clear and easy to use. Pay attention to your sub menus, so it’s easy to navigate around your website.

Your website content should support your brand and the values you have for your business. This includes the tone of voice you use, the type of articles you publish, and your understanding of your audience’s needs. Great content helps to build trust with your visitors, which will win you more business.

Images, photos, and illustrations
The type of images you choose for your website have a big impact on your brand. Some examples include:

Photos of business people and situations communicate a formal, no-nonsense brand.
Landscape photos are aspirational and full of possibilities.
Illustrations could communicate a light-hearted, fun business.

Product and service descriptions
How you describe what you’re selling can have a big influence on your audience. Create product and service descriptions to support your approach, look, and feel. Make sure any product photos match your brand.

The combination of a good brand with a simple, easy-to-use website can make a real difference to your visitors. It will help you stand out from the competition and create a strong visual identity. As you refine your brand and website, you’ll increase trust with your visitors and create a more successful business.


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