Top 5 Reasons Businesses Should Do a Website Redesign


Top 5 Reasons Businesses Should Do a Website Redesign

August 8, 2016

We are a company that started as a small business doing website redesigns. Just like you, our resources were limited because there isn’t a money tree growing in the parking lot. We get it. But you really can’t afford to fall behind the times on doing a website redesign. And here’s why:

Mobile devices account for 85% of all web traffic

If it’s been awhile since you redesigned your website, chances are it isn’t formatted for mobile devices. If 85% of your consumers are shopping on their phone or tablet, it is time to make that experience user-friendly because they are spending an average of 15 seconds on your landing page. And that’s it.

At the high end of that measurement, you still have less than a minute to woo them. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, your copy is being cut off in the margins. Images don’t load correctly. Scrolling is wonky. It’s like having a store with a fake front door that opens into a brick wall. If your consumer runs into your virtual brick wall, they will leave.

And they will walk into your competitor

If your competitor’s website redesign is better looking, easier to navigate and updated with the newest technology, consumers are more likely to believe they’re receiving a higher quality product. Even if it is the exact same product with the exact same price. Think of it as a nicer, cleaner store. The lights are just bright enough, the music is just the right level, the clothes are all folded neatly on the shelves and there is a beautiful candle lit at the front desk. Or there is the place next door that doesn’t make you feel good from the moment you walk in. You just lost business to your competitor.

Keeping up with the times

What consumers respond to changes and is studied very carefully. Websites have become less complicated to counteract the absolute deluge of visual information we are receiving from our screens. We see SO MUCH and web designers had to modify what we were seeing so we would remember it. Design has moved away from multiple images in favor of full-width images and simple copy because it is cleaner and more visually appealing. Scrolling through a few long pages rather than clicking through to twenty keeps the reader engaged and shows them content they may not have clicked through to see.

This is a changing landscape. New technology and design ideas are introduced frequently.

Just like a house needs a fresh coat of paint, your website needs a fresh approach. And something as simple as scrolling could be turning your customers away in less than 15 seconds.

Updated Content Management Systems

Switching up the content on your website has become absolutely imperative and keeps your website relevant in search engines. Static websites become obsolete (and uninteresting), but changing what your customers see has become easier than ever. Content Management Systems (CMS) have become simple to navigate and far more efficient than they used to be. Non-tech small business owners can easily swap out pictures, change copy or post new information to their site as often as they want without knowing how to code or calling “the web guy.” If you are inspired at 2 a.m., you can act on it! It is that user-friendly.

You want to get better results
If you aren’t getting what you want out of your online business, a website redesign is an integral piece in changing your results. There are proven marketing techniques to increase web traffic, engage your consumer and create repeat business. Take advantage of them! Monkey Coders creates templates that maximize your small to mid-size business budget, incorporating strategies that have been tested, measured and proven by big businesses and marketing firms all over the world. A website redesign is the perfect place to use subtle design techniques and business methods that have already proven to create repeat customers.


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