How to Increase Conversions with Your Website Redesign


How to Increase Conversions with Your Website Redesign

September 21, 2016

A website redesign gives you an amazing opportunity — not just to update the copy and change out some pictures. You have the ability to actually affect how many of your visitors become clients. A website redesign is not just painting a pretty picture. It is a tested, measured and proven way to really change your business.


Let’s start at the very basics of building a new website. The way your website is laid out directly affects your conversion rate. User Interface Design (UI) and User Experience (UX) are terms that are used together almost as synonyms, but they are fundamentally different. User Interface Design (UI) is the nuts and bolts of how your site works. User Experience is the cosmetic makeup of your website. Described very simply, UI is your home’s framework. UX is what color you paint it.

Think about the sites you have visited and then closed because you became frustrated with the navigation or it was difficult to find what you were looking for. You have less than 15 seconds to convince a potential customer you are even worth considering. In that 15 seconds, they either think, “Ah. This is pleasant,” or “What are these people thinking?” Don’t get off on the wrong foot. Researching and using modern UI/UX techniques creates customers.  
What if you viewed a website on your mobile device and half of the words were cut off? Will you spend time trying to guess what those words may have been? Or will you press the back button and click on the next search result? When a potential customer comes across your website, it needs to work on their mobile device because in 2014, mobile usage officially surpassed desktop usage. More than 1.6 billion people use their mobile device more than their desktop or laptop. If you are designing a website around a desktop experience, you are only marketing to a small piece of your potential customers. UI/UX considers mobile responsiveness from the beginning and is something you can directly control to create more customers.

Call to Action

As humans, we either read to learn or we read for fun. A fun read is probably not what you are ultimately aiming for — you want a customer.
Providing interesting content is extremely important, but you must include a Call to Action (CTA) in your copy or it is just a fun read. Reading to learn is fundamentally different because we make decisions based on what we read. A CTA is an obvious button or link in your copy that asks your visitor to take another step in the sales process. If the visitor clicks the button, they have just self-identified as a more valuable potential customer.  Hubspot identified 30 companies that have great CTA’s, which you can review here.

Give Something Away for Free

You started your business to make money and just giving away your product probably makes you a little sick to your stomach. But when you are confident enough in your product to give it away, that confidence is infectious. Netflix is an excellent example of a trial-based company that has been extremely successful. They are upfront with their cancellation policy because they know you won’t want to cancel once you are hooked.

If you have a subscription-based business, give away a whitepaper for free. And don’t ask for their credit card information. Research from Totango shows that not asking for a credit card doubled the amount of paying customers.

Implement these strategies at the beginning of your website redesign and convert visitors to customers. Monkey Coders makes it easy to design websites for small- to mid-size business owners with little to no technical web experience. Get a quote now and follow our blog for more web design tips.  


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