Why You Should Not DIY a Website Design


Why You Should Not DIY a Website Design

September 18, 2017

Your business is your baby. You’ve worked all hours of the night. Weekends, holidays, family vacations. While you do know your business best, there comes a point where it is time to turn it over to a professional.

Unless you work in the field of website design, there are people who know more than you do. The pulse of web design changes all the time. Do you have time to keep up with it? Follow the blogs? The podcasts?

If you are embarking on a website design project, learn why it is better to turn it over to a professional web design agency.

To succeed, you have to work with experts

Web designers and developers go to school for the very purpose of making your website BETTER. They’ve been put through the paces, having clients toss ideas in the trash while they were young, growing up in the field. Picture your industry and where you are within it. What did it take to get there? What have you learned along the way? Could you just walk into someone else’s field and do what they do? NO.

The art directors and web designers working your web design project have the education and experience necessary to take your business to the next level.

New best practices all the time

Web design trends change. If a business is investing money into a website design, it needs to be the freshest standard, not one from 5 years ago. Many businesses are not caught up on what designers are doing currently and still launching websites that are already behind! That is like putting an old billboard up on the wrong street.

Works in conjunction with marketing

Beyond just designing a website, a website’s main purpose is marketing to your ideal buyer persona. It is not just sticking a website up on the internet. You have to think beyond the design.

How are you going to get people to your new website? How is Google going to even find you? Can you optimize it? Or do you need a Google Analytics certification and solid experience under your belt? SEO changes a lot! And there are writers who know exactly which copy to put where on your website. Trust them.

Your business is worth the investment

It’s hard to give up your baby. But your business is worth the investment. Trust us. We see so many clients who gave $1000 to a friend just to get something up on the web and in the end it hurts their business more than it helps!

Get your site right the first time. If a friend is charging less than a professional design firm, they’re doing it wrong. We get a lot of phone calls from businesses unhappy with the website they received and unable to afford changing it. Or their friend has gone radio silent. A web design agency has to keep their word and follow the contracts they sign, because just like any business, bad reviews cripple a web design agency. The friend designing and developing your site is not held to any standards.

So many options available

From which Content Management System (CMS) you will use, to various security features and multilingual capabilities, database integration, integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software … there are a lot of choices. Are you making the right ones for your business? Is there a “best” CMS for what you are trying to accomplish?

You don’t know everything, and that’s okay.

Website design agencies exist for a reason. Businesses found they were a better choice after some hard-learned lessons. Think through maybe learning from someone else’s mistake? And let those choices guide you to make better ones!

If you decide to work with a professional web design agency, Monkey Coders would love to be involved in your website design project! Contact us today and let’s get started on the right foot!


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